We operate a "creative veggie restaurant"

where you can eat vegetarian cuisine of complete vegan using only vegetable ingredients.

■LUNCH     Sun, Thu-Sat 



■DINNER     Fri,Sat     


Features of dishes

■ Animal food such as meat, fish, egg, dairy product, honey etc are not used at all.

■ We cook with organic, seasonal vegetables as much as we can

■ We do not use a microwave oven


■ We use delicious water with high wave quality. 


■ We cook with beet sugar, rice syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup etc. instead of white sugar,          granu sugar, honey etc.


■ Salt is carefully selected and we use the "Enzyme salt" deliciously with high waves


■ Miso is handmade miso.

■ We sterilize and disinfect by"phytoncide" which is 100% natural plant and safe to the human        body of volatile components.

■ The detergent is environmentally friendly that is biodegradable within one day.
     (It is a product that ensures safety without carrying out animal experiments)